Welcome to the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection Designed and handmade in Ireland A unique collection of quirky and meaningful gifts
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Welcome to the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection Designed and handmade in Ireland A unique collection of quirky and meaningful gifts
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Introducing the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection, where art meets whimsy in a celebration of uniqueness.  Meaningful gifts are important and as the creator behind these quirky artworks, I infuse each piece with originality and distinctive design, making them the perfect and authentic gifts for special occasions.

Explore the collection and discover the joy of presenting a gift that speaks volumes, where each piece is a manifestation of creativity, uniqueness, and the joy of giving.
All pieces of artwork are original and not one is ever the same making it simply a one-of-a-kind gift.

Choosing from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection is more than a purchase; it’s a deliberate choice to gift something truly special. These artworks transcend conventional options, providing a personal and attentive touch that resonates with the recipient. The act of giving becomes an expression of appreciation, leaving the recipient feeling valued and cherished.
Every artwork in this collection tells a story, holding a special hidden meaning that sparks creativity and imagination. Beyond the surface, each piece is a testament to the thoughtful effort put into selecting a gift that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a one-of-a-kind experience not found in mainstream stores.
Embrace the extraordinary as you explore the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection – where art becomes a meaningful and authentic gesture, a fabulous gift that resonates with the soul of the recipient. Join me on this artistic journey, where each creation is a portal to cherished memories and a celebration of the beauty found in everyday life.

Meaningful Gifts

Within my creations lies a hidden narrative, rich in creativity and imagination. Each piece of handcrafted artwork tells a unique story.

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Personalised Gifts

Our collection is more than just personalized gifts; it's a celebration of meaningful moments.

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Sustainable Artworks

Introducing the Naturally Quirky Collection, where art meets sustainability.

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I’m Cristina, the creative force behind the Naturally Quirky Collection. Fueled by a deep love for the sea and cherished memories in Tuscany, my designs draw inspiration from the enchanting nature that envelops my home in the Dublin mountains.
With a dual cultural heritage from Italy and Finland, I bring a unique perspective to my creations, shaping them with a blend of influences.


I received a beautiful picture designed by Cristina. Every little detail is artfully done and the picture brightens up any room. Highly recommended.

B Alipour
I bought my wife a beautiful piece of artwork with 3 amusing goats during an exhibition that Cristina had in Farnese, a small town in the Lazio region in Italy. It is very beautiful and my wife really loved it. I highly recommend Cristina's artwork.
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Daniele B.
Christina is such a pleasure to speak with. She is so creative and I got a stunning piece that makes me smile everytime I see it on my wall. Such a gorgeous fun unique gift idea.

Naturally Quirky Gift
Dorothy M.