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My Story at Naturally Quirky

The Story Behind Naturally Quirky

Hi! My name is Cristina, and I’m the face behind the Naturally Quirky Collection.


What inspires Naturally Quirky?

My fervid love for the sea

Memories of summer strolls on a Tuscan beach

A perspective shaped by my dual cultural heritage, with an Italian and a Finnish parent

And my unbelievable fortune to live amidst rolling hills and stunning forests, with the Irish sea sparkling in the distance.


Bespoke Irish Gifts

   It is here, in my home nestled in the beautiful Dublin mountains, that I create, sketch and design my artwork. Simplicity and elegance, natural materials and a quirky look are the four key elements of my designs.

It is on my travels, both near and far, that I collect artifacts and inspiration, turning my passion for the world around me into my quirky creations. At times, my art pieces have a sense of humour; some express a special sentiment; still others invite interpretation as abstract designs with a twist.

As a lover and an observer of nature, I feel a profound duty to protect the environment and preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. And as a business owner, I am committed to making my business as environmentally responsible as possible. That’s why I make sure that the packaging I use for each piece of art I sell is eco-friendly – from recycled wrapping paper to biodegradable labels. Sustainability, I have found, is a real work in progress and I am always keen to improve, learn and find new ways to make my business sustainable.

 I believe that distinctive, personal gifts are an inspired way to show someone you care, which is why I strive to make my customers’ gifting experience as convenient and as pleasant as possible.

  I hope this website will inspire you with my unique & quirky gifts, personalised messages and artwork that is meaningful and symbolic. You have my pledge that each item is handmade by me and a one-of-a-kind work of art; you have my promise that each artwork will be sent to your loved ones (or yourself!) in a beautiful eco-friendly gift box with heartfelt sentiment.

Be inspired by the world around you

Be true to what you believe

And above all…

Be unique and be quirky!  

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