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  • A Winning Team – 1 Quirky Gift



    A Winning Team

    Are you part of a winning team? This original piece of artwork is suitable for adults and children alike.

    What better way to celebrate a special family or a strong team than a unique and enjoyable gift? You can personalise it with the family name, child’s name, or team member’s name to add a  more personal touch.

  • Fragments Of The Sea – 1 Gift For Sea Lover


    Abstract Gifts

    This piece of original artwork is part of the “Fragments of the sea” Gift Collection.

    Each piece is original in style and design to make a one-of-a-kind gift. No one piece is ever the same, making it special for the person who receives it.

    This piece is meant to evoke memories of places spend on holidays in Ireland and trace fond memories spent with families at the beach.

    A successful piece from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection which has reached many households both in Ireland and abroad.

    Perfect for someone who likes something different and appreciates originality.


  • Glowing – 1 Gift For A Glowing Individual


    This radiant masterpiece is a heartfelt gift, symbolizing the luminosity within the individual it’s intended for.

    The captivating piece of original artwork is crafted with small fragments of shells gathered from all the enchanting coasts of the West of Ireland.

    Each tiny shell reflects the coastal beauty of Ireland creating a piece of artwork that embodies the radiant spirit of the recipient.

  • Gold 1 Bespoke Irish Gift


    This is a unique & quirky artwork from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection.

    This bespoke creation was inspired by the precious people in our life that reflects the individual’s personality.

    thoughtful and original present perfect for for a special friend or family member, as a corporate gift for an employee or anyone we treasure as gold.

    Treat a gold person with a special gold gift!

  • Heartbeat St.Valentines gifts, anniversary gifts, engagement gifts

    Heartbeat – 1 Inspirational Gift for Couples

    Heartbeat   Irish Anniversary Gifts

    Inspired by the phrase: “I love your heartbeat. It’s the favourite rhythm of my life, this piece makes the perfect surprise gift for your loved one!

    If you know your heart is beating fast and for whom, then this “Heartbeat” is the one for you!

    This thoughtful artwork is part of the special anniversary and engagement gifts, all handcrafted in Ireland.

  • jewellery room decor

    Jewel Of The Sea – 1 Jewellery Gift


    A lovely and trendy creation of original artwork from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection.

    Each bespoke piece is created in a unique style and is part of the very successful “Jewel Of The Sea” Collection.

    It’s also an ideal present for those who appreciate jewellery and have a passion for fashion and trends.

    If you are looking for something more creative and elegant in design, this piece makes a very individual and glamorous gift.

    This quirky piece uses all natural materials from the sea; hence each piece has its own unique design.

    Surprise anyone one with a rare and unique piece!


  • Vintage Hats 1 Gift for Hat Lover

    A quirky and vintage piece of artwork from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection.
    If you are looking for a different and unusual gift to a special person with a distinctive flair for hats, this is the one for you!
    Originality is combined with elegance in this individual and unusual piece.
    Every piece of the “Vintage Hats” Collection is a one off piece. Each artwork is designed with a different style and design inspired by the 1950′ and 1960‘.
  • With love always gifts

    With Love Always – 1 Lovable Gift


    Be the first to give something inspiring and unique to the person you love and care.

    A beautiful & caring gift for anyone close to your heart!

    A perfect way to say thank you.

    Designed with the person you most love and care in mind.


  • You Are The Apple Of My Eye – 1 Special Gift


    A delightful and jovial piece of original artwork that would put anyone with a smile and in good humour.

    An upbeat and cheerful gift perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, engagement, or wedding celebration.

    *Please note that your finished piece will resemble the picture as closely as possible but each piece is unique.

  • You Rock – 1 Unique Gift for Him & Her


    A perfect gift for anyone who is inspirational, great and awesome.

    A number one best-seller gift from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection. 

    Perfect gift for people in your life who rock!

    This original and quirky artwork can be made in a bigger size upon request for those extra special occasion and comes also in an antique pink colour background.