A special and unique creation from the Naturally Quirky Collection made out of fragments of white shells and stunning pieces of corals from County Connemara.

Why not gift your number 1 with a special piece from the Naturally Quirky Collection that simply says: You are on the top of the charts!

A quirky jazz trumpet is there to announce this message for you!


A new symbolic and meaningful gift from the Naturally Quirky Collection.

A perfect way to celebrate a father, step dad or grandfather.

A perfect gift for Father’s Day or birthday or a special celebration!

Size 6′ x 8′

The frame is made out of 100% timber, all custom made.

Each original creation is sent in a beautiful eco friendly gift box, which is made out of recycled paper and compostable labels.

It also includes a small card with logo where you can write your personalised message or ask me to write on your behalf.

*Please note that your finished piece will resemble the picture as closely as possible but each piece is unique.


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