Uncover special and unusual gifts, each an original and unique bespoke creation.

Each creation is sent to the recipient in a beautiful eco-friendly gift box using hand-picked flowers and foliage from the garden, adding a little personal touch and originality to your gift!

All NQ frames are bespoke and custom-made with the double option of the mount and stand back and are made of 100% timber.

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  • 17th Anniversary Celebration – 1 Special 17th Wedding Anniversary Gift


    The traditional anniversary gift for the 17th Wedding Anniversary is an anniversary present made from shells!

    A special gift is made with great care and love particularly for celebrating 17th Wedding Anniversary.

    Shells come from the ocean, and its vast expanse and hidden depths reflect perfectly the nature of a 17-year-long marriage.

    Personalise it with the couple’s name and special date entering all details in the box below.

  • A perfect fit gifts, St. Valentines gifts, Anniversary gifts, Engagement gifts,

    A Perfect Fit – 1 Special Anniversary Gift


    An imaginative piece of original artwork created primarily to impress your special one!

    A perfect gift for anniversary, engagement, wedding and St. Valentine’s day.

    An original piece of artwork from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection made out of tiny pieces of shells collected from the stunning coasts of the West of Ireland.

  • A Solitary Panda – 1 Quirky Child Gift


    Gifts for children

    This is one of the quirkiest creations from the Naturally Quirky Collection.  Fun gifts are perfect for any child making them so unique.

    A perfect picture for any child’s room, or adult alike!

    A cute little panda will make a perfect gift for anyone looking for originality and quirkiness!

    This piece of artwork will certainly put a smile on anyone’s face!

  • tennis players gifts

    A True Champion – 1 Cool Gift for Tennis players


    Are you looking for a special sport gift for someone who loves tennis?

    Celebrate this special person who is truly a champion and win his/her heart with a special and quirky gift.

    In addition, this piece can be personalised with player’s name and year, you can press the personalisition tab below to add all details.

    The unique piece of artwork from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection makes the ideal gift for tennis fan

    *Please note that your finish piece will resemble the picture as closely as possible but each piece is unique.

  • A Winning Team – 1 Quirky Gift



    A Winning Team

    Are you part of a winning team? This original piece of artwork is suitable for adults and children alike.

    What better way to celebrate a special family or a strong team than a unique and enjoyable gift? You can personalise it with the family name, child’s name, or team member’s name to add a  more personal touch.

  • All paths lead to your heart gifts, St. Valentines gifts, Anniversary giftsUnique Anniversary Gifts, Special Anniversary Gifts

    All Paths Lead To Your Heart – 1 Meaningful Anniversary Gift

    Unique Anniversary Gifts

    Celebrate a special occasion with this unique creation from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection, a thoughtful and symbolic piece of original artwork.

    Follow the paths of love with this unique and quirky piece of original artwork.

    All paths lead to one direction: the path of love!



  • Gifts for flower lovers, special gifts for her

    Blooming – 1 Trendy Gift


    Flower Lover Gift

    A brand new and trendy piece of original artwork from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection.

    If you are looking for a very original gift for someone who is succeeding and thriving, this is the one for you!

    Make it more special adding the name of the gift recipient in the box below.

    Size 8′ x 10′


  • Bubbly – 1 Gift For A Bubbly Teenager


    This is an amusing and cheerful piece of original artwork from the Naturally Quirky Collection.

    An ideal present for those with a very friendly and outgoing and bubbly personality!

    A perfect present for a teen daughter, niece or friend.

    ize 8′ x 10′.

    Each piece can be sent directly to the recipient address with your personal message.

    *Please note that your finished piece will resemble the picture as closely as possible but each piece is unique.

  • Circle Of Life – 1 Special Irish Gift


    This symbolic artwork from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection is very special indeed.

    An ideal gift to commemorate a birthday, special occasion or as a meaningful and thoughtful Christmas present. 

    Enjoy the art of giving in a more meaningful way!

  • Coffee Lover – 1 Coffee Lover Gift


    “Coffee Lover” is a vibrant and engaging artwork that celebrates the joy of coffee enthusiasts.

    The swirls and the beautiful fragments of shells, capture the essence of savoring a cup of coffee, making it an ideal gift for those who relish the ritual of enjoying coffee with friends or colleagues.

    Give the one who is a coffee enthusiast a special coffee treat!

    You can add the name of the coffee enthusiast in the box below.

  • Quirky Decor

    Connected – 1 Meaningful Gift

    People are connected to others no matter where they are, where they live or how far they are.

    This piece speaks volumes and is a representation of two people connected at all different levels.

    It makes the perfect present to the one you are mostly related to!

    Show them you care with this very special piece of meaningful artwork.

  • Entangled 1 Creative Gift


    This original creation is one of a kind among the abstract pieces of the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection.

    The intricate patterns of the two intertwined lines represent the relationship between two people and the special bond and strong connection among them.

    It could be between two friends, a mother and daughter, two colleagues, a couple, two sisters, a grandmother and niece, a teacher and a student or any special attachment between two people.

    Their lives intertwine together and form a sort of a symbolic chain that represents their fondness and close connection.

    This piece of artwork would make the perfect present for any special relationship.

    *Please note that your finished piece will resemble the picture as closely as possible but each piece is unique.

  • Every Shell Has A Story – 1 Meaningful Gift


    This unique piece is a perfect gift for individuals who have accumulated a wealth of experiences and stories to tell.

    The intricate details of the main  shell symbolize the diverse tales and adventures woven into the fabric of the individual’s life.

    Gift this special piece to the one who has a unique and personal narrative that speaks volumes, from the joys, triumphs, and also struggles that define who they are.

    You can add the person’s name adding it in the box below.

  • teddy bears gifts, gifts for teddy bears lover

    Family is Everything – 1 Unique Family Gift


    A very popular gift for teddy bears lovers that can make every room very special.

    A unique gift for that special family!

    You can choose between two trendy colour backgrounds, blue for the boys and pink for the girls.

    Personalise it with a family’s name, child’s name or a special date and year.

    You can enter all details in the personalise box below.

  • Flying High – 1 Special Gift


    This is a quirky and interpretative piece of original artwork from the Naturally Quirky Gift collection.

    A unique gift to someone who is flying high or for remembering someone special in your life.

    It is also a perfect gift to any person who is euphorically happy, excited and very enthusiastic!

    Make it extra-special personalising it with the person’s name on the box below.

  • St.Valentine gifts, Christmas gifts for couples, Naturally Quirky gifts, quirky gifts for couples

    Forget me not – 1 Meaningful Gift For Couples

    Novelty gifts

    This piece of original artwork means the true love and respect for the person you wish to gift it to.

    This piece of artwork represents my own interpretation of the vibrant blue flowers.

    This piece from the Naturally Quirky Collection is a true testament of a strong relationship between two people, a promise that this person will never be forgotten!

    Instead of sending flowers this year, why not surprise someone dear to your heart with this forget me not gift?

    Simply surprise them with a quirky gift instead!

    It makes the perfect present for any special person in your life!