New Exhibition 2024

A new exhibition is planned for this year 2024 at Ballyroan state of the art Library.

Art Exhibition announcement

Showcase 2023

I had the privilege of participating at the RDS Showcase in 2023, Dublin’s biggest show of the year, a premier event for the retail sector, attracting a diverse array of international buyers. This invaluable experience provided me with insights into the meticulous process of organizing and adorning a stand, along with the opportunity to engage with a myriad of retailers. The event not only enhanced my knowledge of the industry but also fostered meaningful connections with fellow vendors. Attending this significant showcase was an extraordinary experience and contributed significantly to my professional growth.

Showcase 2023 picture

Farnese Exhibition – Viterbo – Italy

I had the privilege of showcasing my original artwork in Farnese, a charming town in the Viterbo province, Italy. This exhibition marked a remarkable journey, allowing me to present my pieces to a new and appreciative audience. The event proved highly successful, with numerous pieces finding new homes. Beyond the artistic success, the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and forge new friendships added a delightful dimension to the experience. Overall, it was a truly gratifying and enriching adventure.

Farnese Exhibition Italy

“Enlightment” Exhibition Ballyroan Library

I was delighted to share the success of my inaugural solo exhibition, “Enlightenment,” hosted at the Ballyroan Library in Rathfarnham in June 2019. The exhibition room, a state-of-the-art space, proved to be both fantastic and spacious, exuding a modern and airy ambiance. I was thrilled with the positive reception from both male and female visitors, including a surprise visit from a local secondary school classroom, making this experience truly rewarding. The success of “Enlightenment” has inspired me to plan future exhibitions, and I am grateful for the support received.

Ballyroan library exhibition.