Ginkgo Leaves – 1 Special Gift


A stunning and capturing piece of original artwork designed with leaves of the Ginkgo Bilboa tree, one of the most ancient tree in the world.

It has unique features unlike any plant alive today and its now part of the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection.

Most notably the ginkgo tree has been used as a symbol of peace, hope and vitality and also as a symbol of love and duality.

A perfect gift for anyone very special.

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A beautiful and special gift from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection.

If you want to impress someone who loves flowers, special blooms, and gardens, this stunning piece is the one for you!

Known as a ‘living fossil’, the Ginkgo biloba tree is one of the world’s oldest living tree species: it was around 350 million years ago!

Its beautiful fan-shaped leaves makes it a very original and unusual gift, with a wonderful meaning attached to it.

Size 8′ x 10′

*Please note that your finished piece will resemble the picture as closely as possible but each piece is unique.




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