Joy – 1 Joyful Gift


An ideal gift to celebrate a happy and lively person.

Bring joy and cheerful vibes with this quirky and creative piece of original artwork from the Naturally Quirky Collection. 

Made of beautiful natural and colourful shells from all around the stunning coasts of Ireland.

An exceptional piece for Mother’s Day, a dear friend, work collegue, sister, niece or aunt.


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A cheerful and spirited piece of artwork from the Naturally Quirky Gift Collection.

A delightful and very thoughtful gift to cheer someone who is particularly animated, lively and happy.

It is also particularly suitable as a present for a special occasion to celebrate someone who has a bright, lovely and energetic personality.

Each piece can be sent directly to your gift recipient.c

It comes in a trendy midnight blue colour background to add a tone of brightness and happiness to any modern household!


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